AgriManila Rubber Rollers

The rubber compound is formulated to ensure hardness to keep the husking operation uniform and ensure softness to prevent the grains from being damaged. Agri Manila achieves:

• Low paddy grain breakage rates

- The rubber roller is free from the formation of speckles on its surface and exhibits good resistance to groove-forming abrasion which decreases “grain crushing”.
- Agri Manila does not recommend feeding a variety of grain mixtures into the husker to prevent breakages

• 30% Longer service life

- The special compound in the rubber roller allows strong adhesion between rubber and drum while providing heat resistance.
v - Common husking practice in prolonging rubber roll life is to interchange the left and right roll at mid life so that it wears out more evenly.

• 30% Longer service life

• Zero to minimal noise created while in operation

• No change necessary for the main shaft figure

• No strain induced on the bearing


a) Screens
b) Polishers
c) Screws
d) Elevator Caps
e) Belts for Industrial Use
c.) Misc Items:
    a.) Agrimanila Rasper Blades
    b.) 1000kg and 500kg Platform Scales

Agri Manila Industries have solely focused on the development of the agricultural business in the Philippines. We are capable of produce all types or rice mill spare parts.


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